Yasakani no Magatama
Jewel of Benevolence




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Amaterasu is the sun goddess of Shinto mythology, born from the tears of her father Izanagi’s left eye. She ruled the heavens alongside her moon god brother Tsukuyomi until he killed Uke Suzu, the goddess of food, and defiled her body afterwards. Appalled by his indecent behavior, Amaterasu banished Tsukuyomi from her presence, separating the day from night.

Relations with her other brother Susanoo were even more strained, as they held each other in contempt. Before departing, Susanoo challenged Amaterasu to a contest, to see who could create more deities from another’s possessions, indicating who was more influential. Amaterasu brought three women from a sword and Susanoo five from a necklace; Amaterasu argued she had won, which irked Susanoo into a rampage. In a fury he destroyed her rice fields, threw a dead pony into her palace and killed a trusted servant. Disturbed and afraid, Amaterasu withdrew from this world into a cave, taking all the light and heat to feed the world with her.

After the gods made enough noise dancing to coax out Amaterasu, she saw the magatama bead and a mirror reflecting her own beauty. She stepped out to investigate, at which point the cave was sealed and she promised to continue her duty providing sunlight. Susanoo was banished from the heavens and later reconciled. The mirror, jewel and a sword given to Amaterasu as an apology were passed down her lineage, starting with her grandson Ninigi-no-Mikoto. These three articles are now held as the Imperial Regalia of Japan and located in secret, away from the public’s eye.

Imperial Regalia of Japan
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