Xenon Dance Floor
Xenon dance floor.jpg


Xenon Nightclub


LED-lit Dance Floor


When stepped on, it draws the users into a memory of one of the biggest nights in 1970s


To return to the real world, one must survive the night. Any effects of drugs, sex, and death are carried over when deactivated.


Touch while a disco song is played

Collected by

Tyler Lepido and Nikki Nola






Sits next to Beethoven's Piano

Date of Collection



1978: Manhattan, New York[edit | edit source]

While Studio 54 and it's disco ball rocked most of New York during the disco era, there was another disco parlor that was able to compete with it.

The Xenon Nightclub was founded in 1978 and became more of the 'fashion' crowd for the city rather than more 'Hollywood' Studio 54.  Frequented by singers and celeberites alike, the club was also much more loose on their rules, letting dancers wear less clothing, even letting them dance in just their swimsuits.

The floor wanted to keep the good times rolling, even after the disco was shutdown in 1984, so whenever it heard some of it's favorite songs of the era, it allowed users to go back in time to visit one of the club's greatest nights...at the cost of letting the effects of drugs and hedonism to follow the user back to their time.

Today: Saratoga, New York[edit | edit source]

H.A.R.P. Consultants Tyler and Nikki were actually relieved that Escher had finally given them an 'easy' mission: break into the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame, and collect two disco-related artifacts, Donna Summer's Silk Blouse and ABBA's Champagne Glasses.

When entering the museum, they faintly could hear the effects of the Champagne Glasses (plays the hit songs when enmpty), but as they passed into the Disco Hall of Fame, the consultants activated the Xenon Dance Floor, that had been installed as decoration, sending them back to 1978...

Upon realizing that they were stuck in the Xenon Nightclub for a whole 24 hours, they tried to play it cool, but it turned out that a member of the Sol Invictus had followed them to the past and was hunting them down.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0305 'Saturday Night 78'[edit | edit source]
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