William Sianis' Goat Horns


William Sianis' Goat Murphy, 1945 World Series


Goat Horns


Absorbs the luck of the Chicago Cubs. Can imbue this luck to people who touch the horns.


Replaces good luck with bad if angered.



Collected by

Warehouse 13


Samhain Sector (?)





Date of Collection

June 5, 2005


Origins[edit | edit source]

William "Billy Goat" Sianis (1900-1970) was a Grecian-American immigrant who ran the Billy Goat Tavern, founded in 1934. Sianis was well known for his publicity stunts in order to earn business. Among these stunts was when, during the 1944 Republican National Convention, he advertised "No Republicans Allowed" for the tavern, and predictably ended up packing the bar with Republicans demanding to be served.

But by far his most famous of publicity stunts was caused by his pet goat and tavern mascot, Murphy. Sianis would often bring Murphy into places he wouldn't normally be allowed, and in 1945, this included Wrigley Field during the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers. A dedicated Cubs fan and long-time local celebrity, Sianis and Murphy were invited to parade along the baseball field prior to the game. But once in the stands, surrounding people began to complain of Murphy's smell. Despite having paid for box seats, Cub's owner Philip Wrigley ejected Sianis and his goat from the premises.

Outraged at this indecency to his self and to his goat, Sianis cursed the Chicago Cubs, saying they would never win another World Series title.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Imbued with Sianis' love for his goat and betrayal from his team, Murphy's horns themselves became imbued with his curse, passively absorbing good fortune from the Chicago Cubs. Touching the horns can redirect the luck towards the user, but agents are warned that because the horns are an extension of a betrayal, if the horns perceive themselves as being misused all benefits they give will be reversed.

Attempts to neutralize the passive effects of the horns since collection were met with failure, and while many agents are unsure whether this artifact truly belongs in this section, it is good policy to never express that sort of sentiment out loud by the very nature of the artifact.

2016 World Series Disappearance[edit | edit source]

When the Chicago Cubs actually won the 2016 World Series, agents were dispatched to the Samhain Center to investigate, but couldn't locate the horns. Because the Samhain Sector routinely hides artifacts to protect them, no security breach could be proven. This disappearance is currently under investigation.

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