Whip from St. Mary of Bethlehem Asylum

Whip from St. Mary of Bethlehem Asylum
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St. Mary Bethlehem's Asylum




Causes physiological terror


Slowly removes user’s morality




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St. Mary Bethlehem Asylum, more famously known as Bethlem Royal Hospital or just plainly Bedlam, is a physiatrist hospital located in London. Infamously associated with mental illness, its walls have historically held the insane. Many of the rooms and hallways were filled with filth and patients deemed mad were normally subjected to solitary confinement or imprisonment with heavy chains. The medical care of patients were neglected often, forcing visitors to give food and other supplies to poorer residents. Because of its abuse of the asylum system, the word “bedlam” has become connected to ideas of disorder, chaos and madness.


Focusing anger at a person and hitting them with the whip induces extreme psychological distress until that person is an empty shell of what they once were. Prolonged use saps the user's morality until there exists for them no right and wrong.


First seen in 1759, this artifact quickly made its way onto the Warehouse's Most Wanted List after two Warehouse personnel and a Regent were killed with the artifact. Before they were able to capture the man responsible, however, the artifact was stolen from his possession and used to kill him. It has popped up several times over the last few centuries, the last time being in 1923 when it was used to kill one Warehouse 13 agent before disappearing once again.

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