Wes Craven's Freddy Kueger Glove


Wes Craven


Bladed glove


Allows the user to dive into the dreams of others and manipulate them


User will suffer physical deformities and can suffer damage to their physical body. The glove also infect the user with the persona of Freddy Krueger.



Collected by

Consultants Tyler Lepido & Matt Sordens







Date of Collection



1987: Springbrook, Ohio[edit | edit source]

Krueger was once a child killer, and once he was killed, the people of Springbrook thought they had rid themselves of this demon who had terrorized their children. In their dreams... Freddy came back time and time again, killing teh kids in their sleep until one or two brave kids stod up and managed to temporarily stop him.

During the filming of Nightmare on Elm Street 3, one of the original Krueger gloves vanished off the set and was never seen again...at least by the public that is. In reality, the glove was snagged and bagged by two Warehouse agents who were then attacked while in transit to the Warehouse. One agent died from a stab to the chest and the other managed to get away.

Today: Superior, Wisconsin[edit | edit source]

Years later, the familiar patterns of Kueger's killing spree began again in Superior. Since one of the agents who was originally involved with the collection of the glove, Consultants Tyler and Matt were sent to meet with him to try to find the glove. While there, Tyler began being hunted by 'Kueger' who constantly invaded his dreams and occasionally his life. It wasn't until he used Stephen LaBerge's DreamLight to combat 'Krueger' on his own field, only to trap him in a re-creation of Freddy's death (being burnt to death in a boiler room) with the help of dream versions of the Molotovs from Stalingrad.

When Tyler awoke, they found the former agent with the glove on, but slowly burning to death via the dream. Removing the glove, Tyler and Matt said an alternate form of the Freddy rhyme to neutralize the artifact:

1,2, Freddy came for you...3 4, I locked the door...5, 6, grabbed your crucifix...7, 8, I stayed up late...9, 10, Never again.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0111 'Keep Me In Your Dreams'[edit | edit source]

Halifax Incident[edit | edit source]

After the encounter with the glove, Tyler began training himself in lucid dreaming, just in case he were to get attacked again via his dreams.

After being discharged from the Warehouse and going to college, Tyler found himself slowly being tormented by Krueger again.  It wasn't until he awoke with several gashes on his cheek did it hit him that somehow, the glove was out of the Warehouse.  Contacting the others, Nikki and Matt also backed him up saying that their 'rival' artifacts' (Walter Halloran’s Crucifix and Myrrha's Noose) were also back.

After tracking the glove to a therapist who was using it to literally get inside his client's heads, the group decided that somehow, artifacts that they had collected once were back out in the world once more.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0403 'Night Terrors'[edit | edit source]
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