Wendigo Mask
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Native American War Chief




When worn for twenty minutes, victim becomes a Wendigo




Worn for 20 minutes

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Warehouse 13 Agents







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Origin[edit | edit source]

The Wendigo is a demonic spirit believed by Algonquin-based Native American tribes to possess humans and turn them into cannibals. According to legend the way to become a Wendigo is through cannibalism. By eating another human being, even out of necessity for survival, a human can be overcome by these demonic spirits and can be transformed into one. Among the tribes the fear of turning into one is so strong that it is preferable to kill one's self instead of resorting to cannibalism. This mask was created by a war chief who would use the fear of the Wendigo to punish other members of his tribe who go against his word. The victim would be tied down and the mask placed over their face, only the Chief was allowed to remove to mask when he saw fit. Due to the deep rooted traditions instilled into the people becoming a monster like the Wendigo meant that they would be doomed to spend eternity as one of these hellish creatures. Eventually the hate and fear of the story was imbued into the mask. If left on for twenty minutes the mask will become the victim's face. Their body would become very tall and gaunt, with deeply sunken eyes and tight, yellowish, decaying skin. Once the victim has fully transformed the original mask reforms inside the chief's hut in order to be ready for the next victim. Though the skin looks weak, it's actually as tough as Kevlar and the only way to kill one is to burn the skin off then, preferably, destroy the head.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When worn, victim has twenty minutes until they are turned into the Wendigo of the legends. If mask is removed prior to that they will still act wild, lashing out at others around them and trying to eat human flesh. If the mask is then neutralized they will regain their senses.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Do NOT put the mask on, the effects after twenty minutes are permanent.

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