The Rivers Archeron, Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon, and Styx
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Greek Mythology


Five earthenware jars of water


Varies between each jar




Physical contact

Collected by

Warehouse 2


Origin Circle




Origin[edit | edit source]

The five rivers of the Greek Underworld were a central feature of the region. Some of the rivers flow into Greece itself, though these regions do not bear the properties their sources hold. Each jar depicts the properties of each river, as though in warning.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Each jar of water has a different effect.

  • The River Archeron water induces guilt. If one can repent for their guilt, or show remorse for what they have done, they will be healed of all wounds, physical, mental, and spiritual.
  • The River Cocytus water's only percievable effect is that when sloshed or allowed to move, it emits a wailing as it channels the grief of those who have lost a loved one. More testing is required to determine any other effects.
  • The River Lethe water instantly induces amnesia on contact. Prolonged contact may possibly result in the victim forgetting to breathe.
  • The River Phelgethon is the River of Fire. As such, it appears to be more akin to liquid fire rather than water, and skin contact can cause severe burns. Some legends say that it can also heal, though this has not been proven.
  • The Styx water is heavily acidic. It is the River of hate, and will cause whatever makes contact with it to slowly dissolve. Oaths sworn upon the jar are binding, to the point where breaking the oath in question WILL kill all participants.

Collection[edit | edit source]

All the jars were collected during the era of Warehouse 2. The River Styx Water was moved from the living dead aisle to join with its sister jars.

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