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A Collection of Artifacts from Warehouse 13 (or out of the warehouse) in an organized file system.

Hello! Welcome to the Artifact Database, this place was created to organize the massive amounts of artifacts collected by Warehouse agents across time.

Fair warning to all that come across the Database, whether on Claudia's Laptop or on Artie's Ancient Computer, do not cause mischief here. Please follow the Rules. This was created for people to create and distribute their own artifacts to those who have a love for a great show. Have fun on the Wiki.

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How to Place a Artifact Page

Visit here for the default page:

Default Artifact Page

When displaying a artifact on a page make sure they have a Item Infobox on the page, located in the Templates that can be inserted. New users should ask before making an artifact page, to keep up the quality of the wiki.

Warehouse 13 Artifact Database Wiki


John Doe


Bowler Hat


Makes the user unknown to others.


Robs you of your sensation of self.



Collected by










Dock Station & Buoy No.


Date of Collection

October 2, 2012


Name of Object: Every artifact has a name. This box will be filled by the title of the page.

Image: Images can be added to your artifact here.

Caption: A witty comment by an agent or classic line of text that references your artifact, not necessary but flavorful.

Original Owner or Creation Event: When making your artifact please put down the owner (if they have one) or the event that created the artifact.

Type: What kind of object is it?

Effects: What the Artifact does.

Downsides: What's the price of using the artifact.

Activation: Every artifact is activated somehow.

Collected By: Put down the Warehouse responsible for collecting it here - this should correspond with the date of collection.

Section: In the Warehouse we always need some kind of grid system, please put the section of where the artifact is located here.

Aisle: Please put the Aisle number in 2 Digits.

Shelf: Please put the Shelf number in 3 Digits.

Podium: Some artifact vaults are further subdivided by podiums.

Dock Station & Buoy No.: Only use this section if your artifact is located in the Dry Docks.

Date of Collection: When did you collect the artifact?

Please put this in that order so we have a neat collection of mystical artifacts.

You can also make a display card to add to the page. Follow the link to go to the default Display.

Artifact Display Card

Example Page

Making a Vault

If you make a vault please make a vote with the other users so we dont have a bunch of vaults everywhere, thank you.

10 votes for every vault. Please.

Agents of Warehouse 13

Every artifact that has been collected for the Warehouse has had its share of agents Snag, Bag and Tagging them. This Database can also have Agents listed on here. New agents should be approved by the Admins before a page is made.

Please put all agent pages with in infobox like so.

This is my Agent for my Fanfic episodes

Warehouse 13 Artifact Database Wiki
Agent Renson.jpg
Agent Renson

Name: Put name of the said agent with first and ( Middle is Optional ) Last. Please

Gender: Is the Agent a Boy or a Girl

Status: Is the agent alive, dead, Undead or some other fourth thing

Index Number: There are plenty of other agents and regents that have worked in the warehouse. There must be a Index code for them.

Occupation: What is the agents Job ( Can be more than one ) in the warehouse.

Previous Occupation: What did the agent do before becoming an agent for Warehouse 13

Area of Expertice: What the agent does best for the warehouse and Snaging, Bagging and Taging

Please and thank you Wilesjeffery2152 (talk) 20:20, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

The Warehouse 13 Universe

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