Sun Tzu-28D

The War Wing, with the end of the section referred to as the Post-War Extension, hold artifacts related to and caused by wars and various other confrontations. There are different aisles within the wing, each devoted to a particular war or wars. Each aisle also has a particular history and story relating to it.

Early Wars Aisle (Aisle 28D-01A)

Before the creation of the War Wing, artifacts from wars past were merely grouped together without any real separation. It wasn't until Warehouse 12 that some organization began. This aisle has the artifacts stored neatly, but they are not separated by the specific wars which created them.

*-IMPORTANT NOTE: Weapons are stored in the Schoningen Armory. All objects relating to war that are not weapons are stored here. There are a few exceptions both ways.

American Revolution Aisle (Aisle 28D-02A)

When Warehouse 12 decided to organize the War Wing into different aisles in about 1844, some of the British agents at that time did not want this aisle to be created due to the bad feelings that some of them still harbored from their parents and grandparents. However, despite their complaints, the Regents overruled them and forced them to create this aisle. In spite, the agents separated the American and British artifacts within the aisle; this was changed during the move to Warehouse 13.

War of 1812 Aisle (Aisle 28D-02B)

The War of 1812 Aisle went through a similar formation like the American Revolution Aisle did. This aisle, however, was not separated by American and British artifacts by the agents who did not appreciate the Americans (though this was perhaps because of what the Regents told them when they found out about the Revolution Aisle).

Texas Revolution and Mexican-American War Aisle (Aisle 28D-02C)

The short time span between the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War, as well as the close ideals between the two sides, led agents of Warehouse 12 to combine the artifacts of these two wars together.

American Civil War Aisle (Aisle 28D-02D)

With the outbreak of the American Civil War, agents of Warehouse 12 were not initially concerned with the collection of artifacts immediately, for they figured the war would last a while. When the war finally ended, the agents had to decide whether or not to separate the Union and Confederate artifacts from each other. In the end, it was decided that the artifacts could be mixed together, but some would have to be separated at opposite ends of the aisle due to the negative auras certain artifacts gave off when placed way too close.

WWI Aisle (Aisle 28D-03A)

When WWI broke out, the Warehouse was just finishing its move to America. As a result, many of the artifacts created early in the war went without the notice of the Warehouse. Later in the war, however, the agents were on some of the battlefields to look out for artifacts being created and were able to get a few quickly.

WWII Aisle (Aisle 28D-03B)

During WWII, Warehouse agents again went to the battlefields to try and head off the release of newly created artifacts. Surprisingly, however, some of the agents in Europe found that the Nazis were using certain artifacts relating both to war and torture to their advantage. This realization resulted in the acquisition of hundreds of dangerous artifacts from the Nazis, as well as a lack of the artifacts from the European Campaign.

Korean and Vietnam War Aisle (Aisle 28D-03C)

Due to the massive influx of artifacts after WWII, the Warehouse did not feel like separating all of the different wars when some wars took up a lot of space. In a somewhat hasty decision following the outbreak of the Vietnam War, the agents decided to group the Korean War artifacts with the Vietnam War artifacts.

Post-Vietnam Wars Aisle (Aisle 28D-04A)

The Warehouse agents decided after the Vietnam War ended that, for the time being, any more artifacts belonging here created after Vietnam would all go in one aisle.

Miscellaneous Aisle (Aisle 28D-04B)

Some artifacts do not fall neatly into a particular time period or do not posess their own aisle and are stored here. This aisle is located at the front of the section when one enters from the main gate.

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