Walter Halloran’s Crucifix
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Walter Halloran/The Exorcist






The exorcised soul will cause chaos until it finds a new host



Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

January 23, 2012


Origin[edit | edit source]

Walter Halloran was a Catholic priest who participated of the demonic possession and exorcism of teenager Roland Doe. The tale would eventually inspire the novel and film “The Exorcist”.

Effects[edit | edit source]

While not only used in the story that inspired "The Exorcist", but somehow made it's way onto the set. This double dosage of exorcism infused it with the ability to drive the purest form of evil out of a person’s soul, but that soul will then cause mayhem until it finds a new host. This was the reason behind all of the incidents that happened on set of the movie, ending with it taking residence in Mercedes McCambridge's son, making him kill his wife, children, and himself.

Today: France[edit | edit source]

When the footage of a missing Ghost Hunting team emerged on the internet, many thought it was advertising for a new film, but HARP saw it as a ping.

Despite it being a four-person mission, Nkki was being grounded by the Regents to see if there were any longer-lasting effects from Kublia Khan's Belt.  Calling in a favor, she had Sarah Michelle Gellar (Warehouse Consultant) come in to join Consultants Lepido, Rependata, and Sordens on their Snag, Bag, and Tag in France.

As the team enters, Matt becomes possessed by an unknown artifact.  As they go on, the demon in Matt's body slips up, causing the other three to become suspcious of him.  When they reach a labrotory, the demon gives up the facade, but gets knocked out by Gellar.  After strapping him to a lobotomy chair, Bri bolts off to the entrance to retrace their steps and hopefully find the artifact.

When 'Matt' comes around, Sarah and Tyler grill him and the demon lets slip the name 'McCambridge'.  Sarah then gets an edge on the demon, explaining that there were rumor that the set of The Exocrist was haunted, but an artifact was never found...until now.

As they let Bri know via Farnsworth, the demon breaks free and attacks Sarah and Tyler, knocking out Tyler and going after Sarah who defended herself with the the Slayer Scythe.  As Bri bagged the crucifix hanging over the entrance, Matt snaps back...only to get a knee in the groin.

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