Wabi-Sabi Rock Garden Singing Sand
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Feudal Japan




Places the user under a strength-purifying slumber


User may sleepwalk and act erratically


Contact and hearing

Collected by

Warehouse 10







Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

These sands were originally from the shores of Kotogahama Beach in Odashi, western Japan. They were one of several locations of singing sand, where the collective grains create a hum, buzz or roar when disturbed by wind or movement. At some point, a highly spiritualized monk named Daichi, who constantly sought the perfect, inclusive answers to everything, collected some of these sands. Meditation and self-reflection were regular facets of his instruction and many times involved a state of near-sleep to form helpful visions.

They were later utilized several centuries later during the Higashiyama period of the 15th century. They were placed in the rock garden at the Kyoto sub-temple Daisen-in. Contributed to by Zen monk practitioner and ink painter Sōami, he also created screen pieces for the temple depicting delicate and misty landscapes. Traditionally, gravel would be used to represent water and surround large rocks and plants within the garden. This was meant to simulate the essence of nature and help aid meditation. However, white sand was also included for a time to beautify the landscape. It also represented the idea of wabi-sabi, which believed part of beauty came from asymmetry, irregularity and simplicity. They were later collected and removed by Warehouse 10 agents before the country was slowly closed off to foreigners.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The collective ownerships of Daichi and later Sōami heavily  amplified the properties of the sand. Proximity to human movement will cause the sand to vibrate and produce an alluring buzz that makes a person want to touch it. Contact with large enough parts of the body will cause that person to fall into a deep sleep. During this time, the user is cleansed and reshaped from the inside out. Any weaknesses they have, such as internal injury, negative habits or uncontrollable behavior will be gone when they awake. In fact, anything they were weak before is removed, allowing them to fulfill their own personal perfection.

The effects last for the equivalent of 8 hours after they first awake. Repeatedly using the sand will allow them to retain their new strengths for longer. However, they will start to sleepwalk a third of the way through their slumber and begin to act negatively. The user will start to commit offenses they would not normally and even have some of their reformed manners reappear even worse. Although they will have complete control over their movements and remember most personal memories, they are not consciously aware of anything occurring. They will remember nothing of their antics while awake and act perfectly as before.

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