Vishnu's Shankha
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Conch Shell


Normalizes damage and pristineness in a body


Actions will follow a pattern of duality


Playing a note

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Origin[edit | edit source]

Vishnu is one of the three principal deities of the Hindu triumvirate. His role is to provide balance and stability to the universe, while Brahma creates and Shiva destroys. Vishnu played a major role in ushering in order by defeating the malign “asuras” and reinstating harmony and hope. Avatars or representations of Vishnu commonly appear when trouble is brewing and requires a source of goodness to restore equilibrium. The most famous have been Rama, Krishna and Buddha, the main subjects of the epics the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and the religion of Buddhism.

He is commonly depicted as having dark or pale blue skin, and four arms each carrying an object, normally a padma (lotus flower), gada (mace), chakra (disc weapon) and shankha (conch shell). The shell in particular was taken from the sea demon Panchajanya, who dabbled in kidnapping of royal children. Enraged by this indecency, Krishna slew the asura and claimed the conch as his prize. Legends state it could both foretell an opponent’s death and symbolized the sacred sound om, believed to represent the total experience and knowledge of the universe.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Releases a single resonating note that equalizes the flaws in a subject with its/their strength, creating a balanced being. Anything affected will have new advantages such as structural stability and increased efficiency, while at the same time suffering challenges like age-related damage and increased irritability. Whatever the alterations, the negatives and positives will always balance out and make a favorable, albeit imperfect difference. However, any user’s actions will fall into an order of opposing pairs. If they help a stranger, the overwhelming need to achieve balance will cause them to harm another. Likewise, any misdeed will see the user trying to repent and make good on their prior offenses.

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