Virgil's Staff
Wooden Staff.jpg




Wooden walking stick


Attracts itself to activated Infernal Artifacts


User may take numerous notes due to an urge to write.


When one of Dante's Inferno Artifacts is activated

Collected by

Consultant Matt Sordens







Date of Collection



19 BC: Rome[edit | edit source]

Finishing the last few pages of the Aeneid, Virgil leaned on his staff. He wondered where he should go from here. Getting up, he began to walk towards the town of Megara…

1308: Italy[edit | edit source]

Acting as a Regent of Warehouse 8, Dante Aligheri had seen numerous unusual things in his life, but none more than a series of nine artifacts that when brought together could unlease an army of demons onto earth. Managing to collect the said artifacts, he wrote his Divine Comedy to cover up the stories of the artifacts. When writing, he started with the least dangerous artifact up to one of the worst; Virgil's Staff represented the first ring, Limbo.

Upon his death, Dante kept Virgil's Staff as to help any person in the future who needed to find the Inferno Artifacts with good intentions.

Today: Revenna, Italy[edit | edit source]

After figuring out that Mikolaj was going after Dante's Inferno Artifacts, Mrs. Frederic sent the H.A.R.P. Consultants to Revenna, Italy to collect Virgil's Staff. Luckily, Mikolaj had gone to Piedigrotta (Virgil's tomb), thinking that Dante had returned it.

Using the time they had, the consultants managed to find the staff, but only with moments to spare as Mikolaj arrived with both barrels blazing. Admist the struggle, Mikolaj got his hands on the Staff and started to make off with it, but as he began to flee, Matt managed to grab it. Upon touch, Matt was shown the current locations of the remaining artifacts before blacking out.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0201 'Limbo'[edit | edit source]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Whenever one of Dante's Inferno Artifacts is activated, the staff acts as a compass to the user, directing them towards the artifact. When it gets near one of the Inferno Artifacts, the aura of the walking stick overpowers that of the Inferno Artifact, shutting it down. The user will feel compelled to write volumes of notes on the way there.

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