Vietnamese Starfruit Tree


The fable of the Starfruit Tree and the Crow


Carambola tree


Sharing the fruit results in being transported to a place of prosperity


Greediness results in being attacked by crows


Eating the fruit

Collected by

Warehouse 7 Agents



Date of Collection

1219 AD - 1260 AD


Origin[edit | edit source]

The fable of the Golden Starfruit tree and the Crow is a didactic story explaining the cost of greed. A wealthy man had two sons. The elder was greedy while the younger was kind. After the wealthy man died, the elder seized most of his holdings. All he left his younger brother was a tiny house with a starfruit tree in the backyard. One day a giant crow appeared and began eating the fruit. In exchange for allowing him to eat the fruit, the crow promised the younger brother a great reward in return. He told the younger brother to come to the tree the next day with a tree foot long sack.

The bird instructed the young man to climb onto his back, and flew him to a distant land with piles of gold and jewels. After returning home he used his new wealth to help not only himself but the poor as well. The greedy brother saw his brother's new wealth a demanded to know the story. After he found out, he traded his brother all of his own wealth for the farm and the tree.

When the crow came again the story played out the same, except that the older brother brought several sacks. When the crow tried to fly back home he was weighed down with too many jewels. He told the older brother to throw them away, but the man refused. So the crow dropped the man into the ocean and he drowned because he wouldn't let go of his money.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When someone picks the fruit and shares it with others, the consumers will be transported to a place where good fortune will inexplicably befall them. If the user picks the fruit and refuses to share, he/she will be attacked by a murder of crows.

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