As one of the more recent sections to the Warehouse, the Video Game Corridor was found during the 1980s when numerous video game based artifacts were springing up across Japan and America. Recently Agents Donavon and Lattimer have willing taken time to organize the corridor for future agents. Luckily, there were minimal incident reports during clean-up in Section Pong. Most of the artifacts were retrived with the Video Game Infiltration Device, a large computer designed by Claudia, Hugo, Fargo, and others.

  • Note from Consultant Matt Sordens: A difference be the Pong sector and the Convention Aisle is that artifacts in the Convention Aisle gain their abilities through fan-based belief and interest while the Video Game Corridor's artifacts are empowered through the game itself.

Artifacts in Storage

The Easter Egg Alcove (Eggs-098X):

(as a suggestion from Blaine, he has begun organizing artifacts that dervive from some of gaming's legacy of easter eggs and hoaxes)

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