Greetings. I am a huge fan of Warehouse 13, and I come up with a lot of ideas for artifacts. When I found this page near the end of last year, I was sooooo excited! Almost as excited as I get from watching Frozen or Pokémon. I hope to be an asset to this wikia and add plenty of artifacts to it.

Amongst all of my interests, there are a few that stand out: Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Warehouse 13 (obviously), Survivor and Limitless. I'm also into Once Upon a Time, Gravity Falls, AFV, Seinfeld and Friends. There are others, but these are the biggest.

I have very little drawing skills (despite years of art class in school), but I am told I have lots of creativity. I enjoy coming up with stories that other people enjoy. Currently, I am working on a Sailor Moon arc for Warehouse 13. The first part can be read here: Monsters in Tokyo.

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