Hello, my name is Affectos, and I am the overseer of the series 'Moth Shall Play'.  The series takes a look a bit into what else Leena did when she was off-screen, primarily running a third-party sect of the Warehouse called the Historical Artifact Recovery Personnal (H.A.R.P.).

In the series, I have four main characters:

  • Tyler Lepido: a pop-culture savy teen who is able to identify the origins of artifacts who school-hopped in Florida after artifacts kept causing incidents.
  • Bri Rependata: the team's historical resource who was banned from every musuem on the east coast, but can tell if an item is an artifact or not.
  • Matt Sordens: A mythology nut who was chased out of Boston after being branded as a fake healer since he could pick up on artifact effects.
  • Nikki Nola: the wild child of the group, she is knowledgeable in weaponry and is able to detect when and how an artifact is activated.

The thing that was the deciding factor in choosing them for H.A.R.P. was that each of them have at least a 80% downside negation effect (Lepido, Rependata, and Sordens all have 90%), protecting them from most harmful effects and downsides.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I am a huge fan of Warehouse 13 and when I caught wind of the Database, I was quickly on board.

My goal in life is to become a video game designer and bring the element of storytelling back into gaming.  I feel that it's missing in most games these days.  Next fall I will be heading into a Game Design Art Concentration program in college.  I already have several ideas in mind for games and I'm already formulating a team I want to bring on board for the game designing process.

I enjoy reading, writing, gaming, and drawing in my free time.

Pokemon Warehouse[edit | edit source]

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