Umar ibn Al-Khatt's Sword
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Umar ibn Al-Khatt




Bestows righteous behavior


Selfishness foments death by a thousand cuts



Collected by

Warehouse 10







Date of Collection

May 5, 1682


Origin[edit | edit source]

Umar is regarded as one of the most succesful Islamic caliphs in history - although he didn't start that way. Originally, Umar saw Islam as a source of strife and heavily opposed the religion, even claiming he would assassinate Muhammad himself. A friend convinced him to examine his own household, where he discovered his sister had already converted. Umar slapped her but immediately tried apologizing, turning the conversation towards her recitations. After reading the scripture, Umar converted to Islam himself. Umar traveled to Muhammad and vowed his worship of Islam, offering the sword he intended to kill Muhammad with as a gesture of goodwill.

Regarded as a conscientious ruler, Umar lifted Christian bans upon Jewish worship and personally oversaw state welfare efforts after plagues and famines devastated local populations. The caliph itself was broken up into many different districts, each supervised by a governor handpicked by Umar, who constantly reminded them to lead by example. Many foreign powers disliked how quickly Umar fought and conquered neighboring kingdoms. Umar himself was assassinated by a slave, suffering seven cuts around the stomach area. As his final act, Umar gathered many of the high-ranking officials to choose his successor, so the empire wouldn't collapse upon his death.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Instills intense vigor and devotion to making one's sole cause flourish under fair leadership. Increases user's own social tolerance, oration, tactical foresight and humility. Some trickle down effect has been noted, as the user's own constituents or subjects will actively try modeling such consturctive behavior based on how much they respect the user's attitude. Whenever they behave less than noble, they will experience tiny slash marks across their stomach that grow larger with repetition until fatal.

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