Tuxedo Mask's Rose
Tuxedo Mask's Rose.gif


Fan Convention




Allows the user to transform into the persona of Tuxedo Mask, with his powers and abilities


Attacks only work if the user is protecting someone


Male user who wishes to transform

Collected by

Megan Wilcoxson and Garrett Scott







Date of Collection

October 27, 2016


Origin[edit | edit source]

Tuxedo Mask (Civilian identity: Mamoru Chiba) is a character introduced in the Sailor Moon series as a protector of the Sailor Scouts. Using primarily roses in the original anime (and occasionally using a cane to attack further), he would appear when Sailor Moon and the guardians were in the most distress, giving them the opportunity they needed to defeat the villain of the episode.

In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal animes, his powers are greatly expanded, having a degree of psychometric and healing powers as well as energy blasts.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Any male in possession of the Rose can transform into Tuxedo Mask upon wishing for it to happen. However, while the user can transform at will, the artifact recognizes using it for oneself as opposed to helping people, and attacks are useless if the user is not protecting someone.

When the user transforms to protect someone in need, the user can launch roses to attack. The roses are surprisingly sharp and durable, able to cut through objects much thicker than itself and break apart objects, as well as injure people. The roses launched are a facsimile of the artifact, which disappear fifteen seconds after use.

Other notable powers include being able to fire energy blasts and healing others, as well as producing a sword cane.

Collection Status[edit | edit source]

This artifact, along with several others, was collected from a convention in Atlanta, Georgia in late October 2016.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Rose's full power can only be unlocked by fulfilling the following: protecting someone using Sailor Moon's Transformation Brooch, and being in love with the user of the Brooch. The extent to which the power can reach is currently unknown, and it cannot be tested without Sailor Moon's Brooch. Among the powers limited by this is the user's healing abilities and the strength of the energy blasts.
  • A few trials of this artifact have noted that while the attacks won't work if the user isn't protecting someone, one is still able to practice with the artifact on inanimate targets.
  • This artifact likes to be used at least one every three months to keep it happy.
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