Tom Higgins' Pie Tin


Tom Higgins/ Anita Bryant Press Conference


Pie Tin


Creates a banana-cream pie and launches itself at a homophobic target




Saying something homophobic or bigoted within the pie's area, about 15 feet

Collected by

Steve Jinx and Claudia Donovan







Date of Collection

September 4th 2013



In Des Moines, Iowa on October 27, 1977, Anita Bryant and other members of the "Save Our Children Campaign" held a press conference. Bryant, a former orange juice spokeswoman and beauty queen was a major figurehead in the campaign against gay rights, particularly the Florida anti-discrimination ordinance protecting against discrimination based upon sexual-orientation.

She believed that the anti-discrimination law would "promote the homosexual agenda", which would lead to child molestation and "homosexual recruitment". During the press-conference she criticized homosexuals for the "flaunting" of "their sinful lifestyle". She is still widely regarded as one of the leading voices of historical bigotry in the LGBTQ community.

At the press conference, Tom Higgins, a gay rights activist, threw a banana-cream pie at her face, setting a precedent for political pie-ing.


Infused with the outrage of bigotry and homophobia, the pie tin became a defender of the LGBTQ community. Whenever a homophobic comment is said within the tin's area, around 15 feet of the object, a banana-cream pie will appear and launch itself with great force at the offending target.

While the effect is funny, it is somewhat messy. It doesn't take much time to reload, as it can throw itself at a new target mere seconds after its last one has been pied.


Somehow the pie tin escaped being thrown away, and reappeared in Topeka, Kansas. During a demonstration from the hate group known as the Westboro Baptist Church, the tin was reactivated. A particularly nasty chant resulted in the hate mob leaving the protest with very messy faces. The incident was later blamed upon a "pie sniper", something which causes Jinx and Claudia to laugh about to this day.

Some discussion went into the placement of this artifact because of its humorous actions. The decision was made to place it in the Activism Alcove rather than the Comedy Aisle as its funny behavior was the means rather than the end.

Care should be given to keep the pie tin away from Anita Bryant's earrings, as the artifacts have an extreme dislike of each other.