The Wheat Sword
Dutch farmer.png


'Forging The Wheat Sword'/Ryu Kenshin


Long Sword


Enhances user's attack power; resistance to earth, wind, water, and fire; able to unleash a power attack known as the Dutch Farmer


Withdrawal will cause the user to feel like a 70 year old, possibility at erratic time travel


Swinging the blade

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

June 12, 2017


Golden Sun: The Lost Age[edit | edit source]

Due to Camelot failing to publish a third iteration of Nintendo's Golden Sun series, one fan who went by Ryu Kenshin decided to have a bit of fun, creating a fake secret weapon in Golden Sun: The Lost Age known as 'The Wheat Sword'. In addition to just coming up with the weapon, Ryu Kenshin also included the fake guide to forging The Wheat Sword that many Golden Sun players attempted tried and failed to achieve due to the facts that the instructions include doing impossible things and the fact that there was no Wheat Sword in the game's code.

According to the instructions, the Wheat Sword added a high attack bonus, removed the 999 ATK limit, increased resistance, and had a chance at summoning the 'Dutch Farmer'.

While the rumors fell into obscurity with the release of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the Wheat Sword is still known in the fandom.

Today:[edit | edit source]

((No real idea what to do here...maybe raiding the Video Game corridor for Golden Sun artifacts to recover it?))

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