The Trojan Horse


Seige of Troy/Trojan War


Massive wooden horse


Detracts attention in secure locations


Hard to keep track of


Entering secure location

Collected by



We've never seen it


Probably not even here



Date of Collection

Was it?


Origin[edit | edit source]

The Trojan War was a massive conflict between the Greek Achaeans and the City of Troy. Instigated by the Goddess Eris, the war began when Paris of Troy kidnapped the wife of Menelaus of Sparta. It lasted several years and included many famous heroes and warriors from Greek history and mythology.

It was eventually ended when the great tactician Odysseus thought of constructing a colossal wooden horse and leaving it outside of the city as their forces retreated. Assuming a surrender, the Trojans claimed the horse as a trophy and brought it past the walls. As they slept, hoards of Greeks poured from the hollow horse and slaughtered the Trojans, securing a victory. The "Trojan Horse" ploy has become a staple of fiction as a result of this tale.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When in a secure location, the artifact detracts all attention away from itself. One might not even notice the horse even if they were looking at it and great effort must be made to see it at all. Any knowledge about the horse will quickly vanish from someone's mind once they stop looking at it. Entering the hollow chamber of the horse will cause an immunity to the effects for a total of ten years.

A secure location has been so far defined as any place not usually open to the general pubic or any place built with the intent of keeping people out. Due to this, it is unknown exactly where in the Warehouse the artifact is, or if it is even present. It has not been seen since 1972, when the last agent immune to it's effects went missing in the Escher Vault.

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