The Warehouse's Armory, known in the database as Armerie Sector, is where the agents store all the weapon-related artifacts ranging from swords to daggers, whips to shields, guns to bows and arrows. Founded during Warehouse 6 when the Buddists monks felt that the negative energy that the artifacts gave off was disrupting the flow of positive energy, but it wasn't until Warehouse 12 when an agent took charge and organized the clutter of swords and spears to make way for the newer blackpowder weapons that would be coming in.

The section is now divided into several areas based on general weapon type. The areas are incendiaries (bombs, grenades, etc.), firearms (including bazookas), personal combat (sword, spear, dagger, etc.), artillery (cannons, mortars, rockets and other large artifacts), and accessories (armor mostly). Prototype weapons can go in any section, but typically are placed in the section that best corresponds to what weapon type they are.



Personal CombatEdit



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