The Sanderson Sister's Black Flame Candle


The "Sanderson Sisters" (Three women from Salem convicted of witch craft)




When lit, it burns black with a lighter ring around it like an ecliptic effect. Causes all electrical items in the vicinity go "haywire." Also "increases senses and lustful desires of who are in the general vicinity."




Lighting the wick.

Collected by

Arthur Nielson


Samhain Sector


Origin[edit | edit source]

It is somewhat of a 'Johnny Appleseed' situation with this artifact. While technically there were no sisters in Salem who went by the name of Sanderson, and they certainly didn't curse this candle so they could be revitalized whenever the wick was lit by a virgin during a Full Moon, there were three close women who were alive during the Salem Witch Trials, who were suspected of witch craft by locals. While they were never officially part of the Salem Witch debacle, they were hung and killed when it was discovered children who had been in their vicinity had grown fatally ill. One of many artifacts who came out of this horrible moment in American history, this one holds special recognition for actually being filmed when it was activated and when it was collected.

Featured in the 1993 Disney movie 'Hocus Pocus', this candle was picked up by the prop master and unwittingly used during the final cut of the movie when Omri Kats' character Max Dennison lit the candle to unwittingly summon the Sanderson Sisters. The scene had to be stopped after the lighting because all of the electrical equipment in the room short-circuited, and not just the ones in the scene. After everything was reset, the candle was being burned anyways through video technology, so filming continued. During its last appearance in the film, Agent Arthur Nielson used William Irving's 'Bowling Pins' to halt time while he snatched it and replaced it with a duplicate.

Effects[edit | edit source]

This artifact, when lit, burns black, and makes all electrical items around go haywire, whilst increasing the senses and lustful desires of those who are in the general vicinity (two effects that are extremely addicting when mixed, whilst the first is just dangerous in the Warehouse, period). These effects last as long as the candle is burning. Agent Claudia Donovan likes to spook other agents by reiterating her tale of seeing the Sanderson sisters when the candle was accidently set aflame by the original Swiss Army Knife.

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