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The Samhain Sector, also informally known as Halloween Town, was 'founded' during Warehouse 8, as a method to store artifacts that originated from all that which the Church deemed especially 'demonic'. 'Founded' being used loosely, as the collection had been started in prior incarnations of the Warehouse. As the collection grew, however, 'demonic' also became a loose term, as the artifacts really drew power from all that was considered especially creepy. As the collection grew into the years, artifacts that weren't necessarily creepy but still had to do with the Fall Harvest or its traditional imagery, or even artifacts that were the source of curses, were determined to be placed in the Samhain Sector. 

The Samhain Sector is especially protective of its artifacts (theorized to have an origin in the persecution some of the artifacts and the artifacts' power sources have faced), and as a collective has issued various safeguards against threats using the different artifact's capabilities, and is one of the safest parts of the Warehouse (relatively). This makes it an ideal place to hide artifacts that should not be found.

Some artifacts that have been created from Tim Burton's many movies, the reason for this move is because the energies have simlar outputs and they match the halloween artifacts.

This section also houses the Warehouse's entire collection of artifacts relating to Wicca, witchcraft, and other similar religions and practices.

Samhain Sector Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Wiccan Aisle (Gardner-2284)[edit | edit source]

Tim Burton Artifacts (Burton-028G)[edit | edit source]

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