The Landline




80's-era Bakelite Telephone


Records and plays back brain scans



Collected by

Unknown sender


The Phone Room

Date of Collection




The origins of the phone are completely unknown. It arrived in an unmarked box at the Warehouse door, no person was seen in the area dropping it off. The phone has no makers marks and the internal systems are thoroughly unremarkable. It requires power to function, via an ordinary power outlet, and is incapable of making any outgoing calls.

Due to its benign nature, convenience, and location of discovery, some Regents hypothesized it may have been created directly by the Warehouse itself as a "gift".


When the receiver is picked up and lifted to the ear, the telephone performs an immediate and complete scan of the user's brain. This is felt as a minor static shock, but is not described as painful. No negative effects on users have been recorded following this scan.

Once "recorded", the phone acts as means to converse with these recorded individuals as they were when the recording took place. This is achieved by using the buttons on the phone to dial the number associated with the recorded individual, sorted by order of scan. The exception to this is the number "000", which instead plays a series of tones in Morse code, translated to "Number out of service".

When "called", the recording on the other end of the line will behave as the person they are based of would be expected to, as if they are present themselves. Recordings possess all knowledge of the original person and can effectively communicate ideas, thoughts and even orders even after the model has passed. These recordings, however, are incapable of learning new information, and each new call will pick up as if they are being talked to for the first time since their scan. Recordings can be updated if the same person uses the phone again, overwriting their previous scan.


The telephone is stored in an unknown location referred to as The Phone Room, accessible only by Regents, Caretakers, and other high-ranking associate staff. The room is not located in the Warehouse, but may be accessed from it via a device carried by the Warehouse Caretaker.


The following numbers are currently in use.

#001: Head Agent Kingsley, Deceased
#002: Mrs. Frederick
#003-007: Various Regents, Deceased
#008: Benedict Valda, Deceased
#009: Leena, Deceased
#010: Arthur Nielson
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