The Haunting of Hill House
"All you have to do is make it through the night, alive"


Shirley Jackson/Penguin Books




The book seems to be alive with the presence of the house in the novel. When placed in a house the book beings to "infect" the house it is in, turning it into the Hill House in the novel.




Leaving the book in a house/building. It's most effective in a house.

Collected by

Artie Nielson


Dark Vault


Podium 37

Date of Collection

June 20, 1983



A first edition copy of The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson publuished in 1959 by Penguin Books.


Artie didn't believe it at first, but when there was many reports of a house being "haunted" and the family abandoning their home, plus many "experts" being driven out, he finally decided to go check it out. Posing as another "expert" he decided to live in the house to see if there was an artifact or it was someone playing a really good hoax. After experiencing the normal events of a "haunting", like doors opening and closing, things moving on their own, Artie believed that someone was probably using an artifact that could manipulate gravity or telekinesis. It wasn't until the next day that Artie started to realize he was having thoughts that went against his own personality, like how he wanted to stay with in the house. So he began to search everything in the house. In the end, he realized that the family had a copy of The Haunting of Hill House, and he decided it wouldn't hurt to take a chance so he bagged it, and instantly the effects of the artifact left him.

After making sure the book was ready for transport, he took it back to the Warehouse. But weeks after shelving the book Artie began to experience the same events he went through at the house, and when Mrs. Frederic talked about voices in her head, Artie realized what the book was doing. So he wrapped the book in goo made wrapping paper, which he placed in a case lined with felt made with goo, and enclosed in a bullet proof air tight container filled with goo, then placed in the Dark Vault for good measure.

To this day here is a note next to the artifact that clearly states to never take the book out in the Warehouse or in any home. Also, the Warehouse made sure to get another first edition of the book to store in the library sector.

Storage and HandlingEdit

Stored in the Dark Vault wrapped in goo-made wrapping paper inside a case lined with neutralizer felt and encased in a bulletproof airtight container filled with neutralizer.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. The neutralizer in the container should be changed every thirty days, but Leena was able to convince Artie that, because the neutralizer field in the Dark Vault was strong, it could last longer, to which he reluctantly agreed. It still has to be changed every two to three months, and changed every thirty days only if it is moved outside the Dark Vault.

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