Eden-0208G[edit | edit source]

This section of Warehouse 13 houses all organic, living artifacts. Flowers, trees, herbs, vegetables, and all other plant life are kept here. Due to the natures of some artifacts, there are several segregated gardens, hothouses, pots, etc. One such glass greenhouse stores The Flowergirls, which promotes the growth of the surrounding plants.

The Greenhouse was constructed during the reign of Warehouse 12 by Joseph Praxton thanks to the request of agent Heather-Bell Tirza. In the center of all the individual greenhouses sits the ever-flowing 27-foot tall crystal fountain from Praxton's Crystal Palace, which provides additional support for plant growth while also ensuring the greenhouses always have enough room for all plants housed within.

After the death of Agent Tirza in 1855, a plaque commemorating her life and efforts was placed at the entrance to the Greenhouse area, which has remained since.

All carnivorous trees are kept in a special section at the back of the Greenhouse locked behind a large gate with signs posted in and around it to remind Agents of all necessary safety precautions. All trees in this section are kept in Neutralizer-infused glass containers several inches thick.

Arbor-41072E (Trees)[edit | edit source]

Viscerarbor-6229B (Man-Eating Trees)[edit | edit source]

  • Jubokko (Sanguithyesti jubokko)
  • The Madagascar Tree (Sanguithyesti mkodii)
  • The Nubian Tree (Sanguithyesti suavifolium)
  • The Vampire Vine (Sanguithyesti diabolivinea)

Persephone-2518G (Hothouses)[edit | edit source]

Pomona-9910R (The Orchard)[edit | edit source]

Antheia-7066G (Flowerbeds)[edit | edit source]

Ningal-0093 (Seed Storage)[edit | edit source]

Viridios-2254E (Garden Shed)[edit | edit source]

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