The Golden Hind
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Sir Francis Drake




Anyone who claims to be a captain becomes in charge of the ship while on it; the ship cannot be sunk during battle under normal circumstances


"Captain" becomes overconfident in the abilities of himself, the ship, and the crew


Being on the ship and claiming to

Collected by

Unknown; Warehouse 13 agents





Dock Station & Buoy No.


Date of Collection

December 2, 1915


Origin[edit | edit source]

The Golden Hind was the legendary warship of Sir Francis Drake. After many years at sea and at battle with the Spanish, the ship absorbed Drake's confidence and captaining skills, allowing the entire ship to become an artifact.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Anyone who stands on the ship and claims to be a captain becomes the captain of the Golden Hind. While this "Captain" is on board, the ship will not be defeated in battle under normal circumstances, such as cannon fire or ramming. Indirect attacks that are not from an enemy, such as lightning, do affect the ship, but the captain is able to make very minor repairs to the ship, such as small hull breaches. With time, however, the Captain becomes very overconfident in his own abilities, as well as the abilities of the ship and her crew.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Not very long after the Warehouse moved to the United States and WWI broke out, several reports of a wooden ship being immune to attacks by German U-Boats reached the Regents, who sent word to agents of the new Warehouse 13. These agents were able to get on board the ship, finding themselves in the hands of a former British captain who did not want to see this ship scrapped. They were able to convince him to give up command and let them take the vessel back to the Warehouse.

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