The Golden Fiddle


Unknown. Suspected relation to the Dueling Fiddles


24 carat gold fiddle


Drains the soul of anyone who challenges the player


Causes malicious behavior in player


Playing during musical duel

Collected by





Origin[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the success of Charlie Daniel's song Devil went down to Georgia, a wave of activity was detected in the region on Nashville, Tennessee. While similar to many cases reported since the early part of the 1800s, this was the first localized mass instance. It became clear that the culprit was the Golden Fiddle, mentioned in the song as a prize from the Devil himself.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Supernaturally drawn to talented individuals, particularly those with an affinity for stringed instruments. Holding the fiddle causes the user to become tainted with a darkness. This compels them to seek out and challenge others to musical battles, the loser having the soul wrenched painfully from their body. This state is incurable, and has similar symptoms to being comatose.

Has a mild connection to the Dueling Fiddles, though the exact link is unclear. It may or may not have been created as result of the pair of artifacts, but all are suspected to have been created around the same time.

Today: Georgia[edit | edit source]

"I guess you didn't know, but I'm a fiddle player too.  If you care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you."
"Now you say you play fiddle girl, but pay the devil his due.  I bet this fiddle of gold against your soul..."
"I think I'm better than you."
--Bri Rependata & the Drifter before squaring off

While Consultants Biston and Sordens were in Austria chasing an artifact, Consultants Nola and Rependata were sent to Georgia to investigate a string of comatose musicians. As they investigated, they discovered the the musicians all had challenged a drifting fiddler with a golden fiddle. They didn't need Consultant Lepido's music knowledge to know what song they were dealing with.

Facing off against drifter, Bri thought she was wagering her soul against the Drifter's, but what she couldn't have known was that the D-BES she was wearing instead put Tyler's soul on the chopping block, causing a tug-of-war on his soul that physically jarred him and caused him to recite 'Johnny's lines from the song.

At first, Bri's limitation of knowing violin held her back, causing Tyler to slip away slowly, but it was Nikki's ability to play on the families who had lost their loved ones to the drifter, and have them support Bri, was what turned the tides for the consultants, resulting in not only the drifter's sol being lost, but the recovery of the souls that had been stolen.

When the female consultants returned to the Warehouse, it was the realization of the dangers of the D-BES that caused them to start re-thinking the risks they were taking...

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