The Funniest Joke In The World
"My dog has no nose." "How does he smell?" "Terrible." - Rough Translation of joke


Monty Python's Flying Circus




Causes anyone who hears or reads the entire joke die of asphyxiation/cardiac arrest (laughter.)


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"The Funniest Joke In The World" is a sketch from Monty Pythons Flying Circus wherein a manufacturer of jokes accidentally writes down on a piece of paper The Funniest Joke In the World and promptly dies from laughter. The Joke soon catches the attention of the British Army who were fighting the Germans during WWII, and was translated into German by translating one word of the joke at a time. One translator saw two words of the joke and had to be hospitalized for a few weeks.

The Joke was used on the battlefield causing massive losses for the Germans. The Germans then tried to use another joke as a counter attack which was ineffective. In 1945, when peace broke out, the Geneva Convention outlawed joke warfare and one of the surviving copies of the joke was buried in "The Tomb of The Unknown Joke".

The joke, in faux-German, reads :"Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! ... Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!". The sketch itself was inspired by a similar concept implemented in the popular Al Capp comic strip known as "Li'l Abner".


When read, the joke causes the reader to laugh themselves to death via cardiac arrest or asphyxiation. Reading even a small part of the joke can cause lightheadedness and fainting, though this requires foreknowledge of the effect to work.

For the joke to work it must be able to be understood, a non-English reader will be unaffected. However reading the joke in another language while holding the original will transfer the effects. Simply saying the joke without having the written artifact version present will do nothing besides confuse the intended victim. 


The Artifact is now stored in the warehouse in a wooden box secured with a lock, which only Mrs. Frederic has the key to.

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