The Flying Dutchman
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Unknown. Possibly Hendrick Vanderdecken/Bernard Fokke


Ghost Ship


Weather manipulation, teleportation and fear-inducement


Exact properties unknown, various negative effects




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The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship with obscure origins. Most accounts agree that it's fateful voyage began at The Cape of Good Hope in South Africa as a Dutch man-o-war destined for Europe. There, tales diverge. Some accounts say that the vessel made it to Europe and the trip back was it's downfall, other say it never made the first half.

The name of the captain is also diputed. Early accounts report a Captain Bernard Fokke who was known for speedy voyages and was suspected to have been in league with the Devil. More recent testimonies say it was a Captain Hendrick Vanderdecken, who's hubris towards the forces of God led him to be destroyed in a powerful storm.

Regardless of what actually happened, The Flying Dutchman has been seen as an ill omen and has been sighted in oceans worldwide. Common occurances include thick fogs, spectral sightings and feelings of overwhelming terror before the ghost ship departs.


The arrival of the Dutchman is always heralded with storm clouds. Thick fog rolls in and the ship will appear. Though it rarely approaches other vessels, sailors have reported feeling cold terror and hearing the sound of bells, cannonfire and gunshots, as well as the telltale sound of crew activity on the deck. The Dutchman never stays long, a few minutes at most, though it can remain in the area for up to a week harassing other ships.

Other effects of the ship are unknown, but recent recovery attempts have proven that the hull is corporeal. It successfuly rammed the Santa Maria and left substantial scarring. It also reacted unusually to neutralizer. When contact was made, the ship seemed to waver and dissipate like fog, completely vanishing within a minute. Any other abilities the ship may possess are unknown and will likely remain so until it's eventual capture and containment.


Inspiration for [The Odyssey of Flight 33] Season 2/ Episode 18, as seen here: Twilight Zone Artifacts

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