The Dueling Fiddles


Unknown. Suspected to be State of Georgia/ Charlie Daniels or the Devil.


Pair of Fiddles


Summons a fiery Devil to engage in Fiddle duel.


Loser suffers brain-death, causes catastrophic residual damage


Playing fiddle or similar within range.

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

June 30, 1922
March 17, 2003



Origins of this pair of artifacts are unknown. Recovered in the state of Georgia, some suggestions for their creation include folklore, an encounter with the Devil himself, an actual fight between two fiddle players or even Charlie Daniels himself. Whether he is responsible or not, it is strongly suggested the he encountered this artifact at least once, as his hit song "Devil went down to Georgia" has too many similarities to be coincidental.


This artifact is activated by either playing the golden colored mahogany fiddle of by playing a fiddle or similar stringed instrument nearby. Doing so will activate the dark ebony fiddle, causing it to manifest a figure that has a devil-like shape. This figure will prompt the activator to pick up the other fiddle, if they weren't holding it already. Failure to comply is considered a 'loss'.

Once both combatants are armed, the duel begins. Each side taking it in turn to out-play the other until both are playing simultaneously. Bursts of fire and light and even minor seismic activity are common in particularly intense battles.

If the challenger loses this battle, they will be rendered comatose and brain dead. Some would say their soul has been forfeit. Winning causes an intense adrenaline rush, with a desire to repeat the performance. This is considered a hypnotic effect of the artifact to entice the victim to continue playing until they lose.

The Golden Fiddle is related by unknown means to this artifact, and the winner may find it flying towards them at great speeds. This 'prize' has been known to cause severe damage to surrounding areas as it travels.

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