1940s Damaged Rotary Phone
Phone transp


Unknown (presumed office disaster)


Damaged black 1940s rotary phone


Rings everyday at 5:15 PM (no matter what time zone), continues for 3 minutes. If unanswered, will stop until the next day. If answered, a voice will be heard.


Listeners will lose their temper more easily and have a higher chance of committing acts of violence. They will also alternate between fits of rage and depression. Listeners will be unable to stop listening to the voice, and will be unable to let go of, or be otherwise physically separated from, the phone.


Always active. Downside triggered by listening.

Collected by

Agents Michael Korss and Oto Barry







Date of Collection




This artifact's exact origins are unknown, but was retrieved after reports of a haunting in an old office building that had been abandoned since the late 1940s. The history of the office was next to nothing, but the agents investigating the claims happened to have been present when the phone rang. Agent Oto Barry chose to answer the phone, and the downsides were soon discovered after the agent killed his partner, Michael Korss with a firearm and, presumably, himself via other means.


Every 24 hours, at exactly 5:15 PM, no matter what timezone the phone is currently in, it will ring for 3 minutes. If left unanswered, the phone will go silent until the next day. If, however, the phone is answered, then a voice will be heard (records show it is the same voice, saying the same thing every time). The listener(s) will be unable to separate from the phone, either by their own actions, or through any other means, including teleportation, neutralization, brute force, body manipulation, intangibility, etc. After the voice is done, the phone can be set back down. Over time, the listener(s) will be progressively easier to anger and otherwise emotionally upset/trigger. Soon before the onset of a complete mental breakdown, they will begin to alternate between fits of rage and depression. During a mental break, the listener will attempt to attack or even kill themselves and others around them.

The VoiceEdit

The following is a transcript of the voice heard from the phone. The owner of the voice, nor anyone mentioned in the conversation, have not been identified.

(Male voice, presumably belonging to one in his late 30s-mid 40s. Light voices can be heard in the background.)

"Hey, honey, I'm gonna be a little late home tonight. The boss gave us extra paperwork to do and I got most of it. Love you!"

(Interval of approximately 15 minutes of silence before voice returns. Voices can still be heard in the background).

"Hi, hon. Done with work, and I'm just about to head home. Just-"

(Several loud bangs, presumed to be either small explosives or gunshots, can be heard, as well as screams and yells in the background.)

"OH MY GOD! Sharon, call 911, there's someone in the off-" (Another bang can he heard, louder and clearer this time)


(Sounds of rustling can be heard, as if the owner of the voice is hiding.)

"Sharon, baby, they killed Harry. I'm sorry, Sharon, I'm sorry. I-"

(A high-pitched cackling can be heard in the background, close to the phone)

"Oh God. Sharon, the kids. Tell the kids-"

(A singular loud bang can be heard right in the phone, replacing the clarity and intensity of the voice. Silence continues for approximately 10 seconds before cutting off).

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