The Bean Family's Chains


The Bean Family




People bonded in the chains become loyal to and trustworthy of each other.


The affected become murderous towards anybody not affected by the artifact, trying to kill and eat them. Artifact is very hard to neutralize.


Putting at least two people in two chains

Collected by



Samhain Sector





Date of Collection

September 21, 1743


Origins[edit | edit source]

This artifact has a terrifying, if potentially questionable, past. In the early 1300s, legend has it that a man by the name of Sawney Bean started a family in a sea cave by Galloway, surviving by stealing from and then murdering passerby, and in turn pickling their victims' flesh for consumption. The family itself grew to be quite large through incest, with around 46 children and grandchildren. Their crimes continued for twenty five years until one of their possible thousand victims escaped and alerted the local town and the Crown of the events.

The Beans were eventually captured and taken to Edinburgh in chains and eventually executed. It is said that the severity of their crimes was so great that their execution was intended to be far harsher than normal - the hands of the men were cut off so they would bleed out, and the women were forced to watch this and then be burned alive. At least, that is the legend. There is actually much doubt as to whether the Bean's existed at all, since the story itself is said to have derived from the late eighteenth century.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The chains, however, are definitely real, so let the evidence speak for itself. These chains were used to imprison the Bean family during their capture, incarceration, and execution, and absorbed their situations. Any group of people who are shackled to this chain become better bonded and loyal to each other, but also become homicidal toward anyone who is not within the group even after being released from the shackles. They will try to emulate the Bean family, killing and consuming any person in their path. To reverse the effects, all those whom the artifact influenced must again be shackled to the chains, and the entire chain and all of the people neutralized. A second bath may be required.

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