Terri-Jean Bedford's Leather Bondage Straps
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"AGH! Who the hell is Terri Bedford and why does this hurt so bad, yet feel so good?" --Tyler when the straps connected to him.


Terri-Jean Bedford/Canada Attorney General vs. Bedford


Leather Bondage Straps


Increases the libido and arousal in males within vicinity.


When worn, blood circulation slows down over time, eventually stopping.


Effect: Males within vicinity; Downside: being worn

Collected by

Consultants Rependata & Lepido







Date of Collection



2009: Ontario, Canada[edit | edit source]

When professional dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford went to trial, it was to fight Canada's laws relating to sex work.  Prior to her case, in 1994, Bedford was being accused and arrested for running a S&M Dungeon/Brothel, which while illegal according to the Criminal Code of Canada, prostitution wasn't.

In 2009, she and two other members of the sex trade teamed up to fight the sex laws of Canada.  Their arguement was that the laws deprive her workers of security since they were forced to work in secrecy.  Their case was support by the fact that prostitution was only allowed outside, and that it was illegal for them to work indoors, hire bodyguards, or to screen clients, thus making them targets.

When the case was taken to the Supreme Court of Canada, the laws on Prostitution were deemed unconstitutional by a 9-0 vote.

While the straps themselves weren't used in the trial, the case imbued them with their mistress's dominatrix powers.

Today: Milan, Italy[edit | edit source]

During 'Once Upon a Warehouse', Tyler and Bri investigated a ping of a dominatrix going a little too far with her customers, but their luggage that had the neutralizer bags was held up.  While investigating the S&M room, a bit of reisdual dominatrix energy left in Bri caused her to pick up the straps and playfully tossed them to Tyler, jokingly asking if he wanted to go another round.  Instead of falling right into his hands, the straps came to life, latching onto him, resulting in him falling victim to the effects.

After having to wait several (excrutiating) hours for their luggage to show up, Bri was able to get them off, but refuses to share how she managed to seperate Tyler from the artifact saying "That's as secret between me, Tyler, and the Neutralizer."

When getting back from the trip, Tyler was forced to excuse himself due to the lingering effects while Bri shelved the artifact in the Torture Section.

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