Supermarket Sweep Shopping Carts


1990's run of Supermarket Sweep


3 Shopping carts


Hides $5000 dollars when used in a grocery store


Shoppers will recklessly shop, buying expensive items that they don't actually want


Touching one of the three carts and hearing the beep of a checkout scanner

Collected by

Consultants Rependata and Nola







Date of Collection



1990: Food Fair Supermarket[edit | edit source]

"What gameshow hides $5000 in a grocery store and then gives you hints to find it?"

These words opened up the 90's gameshow Supermarket Sweep where three teams of two competed in a vacant grocery store where they answered questions about products to earn time for the Big Sweep.  During the Big Sweep, one person of the pair would steer their carts through the store grabbing the most expensive items in the store while also going for bonuses like grinding coffee, making a pound of candy, and grabbing inflatable mascots to get up to $250 in bonus cash.  For the most part, teams were usually able to nab over $700 in under 3 minutes.

The winners of the Big Sweep would then move to the bonus round where they had 30 seconds to use 3 cluse to find a item marked that had $5000 behind it.

These carts became supercharged with the Big Sweep and Bounus Round, always hiding a $5000 dollars for the people who were affected by them.

Today: Denver Walmart Supercenter[edit | edit source]

After seeing the unique skill set that Bri and Nikki had, Leena sent to them to investigate a series of crazy shoppers who'd stock up on expensive items that they didn't want.  Their excuse was that they thought that thought that there was $5000 hidden in the store.

After scoping out the store, the girls learned that there was a Tri-furicated set of artifacts that activated when a shopper heard a checkout beep.  Despite Bri not being a pop-culture buff like Tyler, she pieced to her favorite game show growing up, Supermarket Sweep.

Despite Nikki's want to naturally neutralize it, Bri wanted to actually run the Big Sweep and the Bonus Round.  Bri herself took the Big Sweep, raking up over $1000 in under 3 minutes.  Together, the girls then managed to find the $5000...and go on a shopping spree afterwards.

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