Su Song's Armillary Sphere
Armillary Sphere 10.jpg


Su Song


Chinese Armillary Sphere


Time manipulating abilities


Can allow for paradox free time travel


Touching the globe

Collected by

Unknown; Warehouse 7


The Möbius Vault





Date of Collection

Circa, 1200s


Origin[edit | edit source]

Su Song (1020–1101 AD) was a renowned Han Chinese polymath who was described as a scientist, mathematician, statesman, astronomer, cartographer, horologist, medical doctor, pharmacologist, mineralogist, zoologist, botanist, mechanical and architectural engineer, poet, antiquarian, and ambassador of the Song Dynasty.

This very powerful artifact was once owned and constructed by Su Song himself to be placed in a hydro-mechanical astronomical clock tower in medieval Kaifeng that he constructed himself. Powered by a endless chain drive the sphere was imbued with the power to distort time and space.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When touched, the sphere starts to spin and glow allowing the persons touching it to manipulate time and space, this power ranging to traveling into the past or future and allowing the persons to change the past paradox free but in order to travel, the sphere needs a massive amount of energy, usually provided by an artifact.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was collected sometime around the 1200s during the time of Warehouse 7. It has had a long history with Warehouses and destruction. It wasn't until 1900 when it had become a notably dangerous artifact when Warehouse 12 agent Helena G. Wells studied it to construct her (time machine) Temporal Conscious Transporter. Using it at one point to increase the power and change the course of history with her machine but killing Agent, William Wolcott in the process which resulted in her Bronzing.

This particular artifact is now kept inside The Möbius Vault, a endless looping vault that keeps this artifact inside.

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