Stingy Jack's Turnip Lantern
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Summons the soul of Stingy Jack


If held for too long, the user's soul will be trapped in the turnip, and Stingy Jack's soul will take over the user's body.



Collected by

Warehouse 12


The Samhain Sector





Date of Collection

October 31, 1869


Origin[edit | edit source]

In Ireland, there was a drunk named Stingy Jack. He was very deceitful and manipulative. When the devil heard about his misdeeds, he decided to pay Jack a visit. One night, Jack was walking down a cobblestone path when it transformed into Satan himself. Jack realized that the Devil had come for his soul, so he took him to a pub and had a few drinks. There, he asked Satan to change into a silver coin to pay for his tab. The Devil agreed, but Jack stuck the Devil in his pocket, which contained a crucifix. Unable to use his powers, Satan decided to make a deal with Jack. In exchange for Satan's freedom, he would spare Jack for ten years.

Ten years later, he found himself once again in Satan's presence. Jack happened upon Satan in the same setting as before and seemingly accepted it was his time to go to Hades for good. As Satan prepared to take him to hell, Jack asked if he could have one apple to feed his starving belly. Satan once again agreed to this request. As Satan climbed up the branches of a nearby apple tree, Jack surrounded its base with crucifixes. Satan, frustrated at the fact that he been entrapped again, demanded his release. As Jack did before, he made a demand: that his soul never be taken by Satan into Hades. Satan agreed and was set free.

When Jack died of alcohol poisoning, he was stopped from entering heaven for his misdeeds. He went to Hell and asked Satan to take his soul, but due to the conditions of the agreement, he was unable to. Satan then decided to give Jack an ember, making him a denizen of the nether. From that day forth, as a warning to others, Jack is doomed to wander the living world, with a glowing ember inside of a hollowed turnip, for all of eternity.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the turnip is touched, Stingy Jack's spirit will appear and wreak havoc on any person. He can influence the user to cheat, lie, and swindle. When the turnip is held for too long, the user's soul will be trapped inside of the turnip, and Stingy Jack's soul will take over the user's body, turning them into a deceitful, dishonest, and manipulative person. Unless the user and the turnip are reunited and covered with neutralizer, the change may become permanent.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was collected by Warehouse 12 agents from a gardener who was influenced by the soul of Stingy Jack. He tried to manipulate the Warehouse agents into leaving the artifact alone, but it was no good. The agents used the neutralizer on the turnip and the gardener, causing his and Stingy Jack's souls to be switched and placed back in their respective bodies.

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