Star Jelly
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Meteorite Crash


Star Jelly


Electrocutes anyone and anything with electricity flowing through it


Knocks people unconscious. Tries to steal the electrical impulses of people.


Proximity to electrical signals

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Samhain Sector





Date of Collection

June 13, 1980


Origins & Collection[edit | edit source]

Though the origins of Star Jelly are often called into question, this particular batch did come from a meteorite crash. In 1950 a large meteorite hit Philadelphia, leaving behind a large pool of star jelly, which is a gelatinous fluid usually colorless or gray. Police officers investigated the pool and found it to be nearly six feet in diameter, and a foot deep in the center before it sloped downwards on all sides. Officially, when they touched it, it dissolved. Truthfully, Warehouse Agents collected it and stuck it in the Samhain Sector. Why the Samhain Sector, when it would have been impossible to know that this incident would have inspired the classic film 'The Blob' eight years later?

Effects[edit | edit source]

This Star Jelly was found to be electrically charged, and would zap anything that came close to it into a daze before the substance would attempt to absorb the electrical pulses of that object in question in order to gain more energy. It nearly killed the police officers, and nearly caused havoc in the Warehouse when it tried to steal the energy away from surrounding artifacts. But being stored in the costume section of the Samhain Sector, specifically the rubber masks, cancels out most of this hunger immensely. A small cocktail of goo and electrolytes are fed into its glass jar every few days so the Star Jelly doesn't get too hungry.

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