Stairway B Railing
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Railing from Stairway B


Prevents a small radius of the building from that wall down from collapsing.


After use, the user will collapse as if a heavy weight fell on them.


Collapse of a building

Collected by

Aden Taylor


Tragedy Annex





Date of Collection

November 4, 2013


Origin[edit | edit source]

The miracle of Stairway B was a miracle, as the stairway failed to collapse when the rest of the tower around it did, protecting several people trapped in the stairway. This railing from the stairway absorbed the emotion of one of its holders.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When used as part of the building structure, it prevents a small radius of the building it is in from collapsing, should it ever happen. Everyone in that protected area collapses afterwards as if a heavy weight fell onto them. This is merely a weight caused by the building and does not kill the people, though they are unable to get up for a short time.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was discovered by Agent Aden Taylor inside of a building in New York City which used some surviving items from the World Trade Centers to symbolize their defiance of terrorism. He collected the artifact without much fuss and brought it to the Warehouse.

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