Sir Gawain's Jousting Helmet
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Jousting Helmet


Instills virtuous behavior


Amplifies pride to extreme hatred and jealousy



Collected by

Warehouse 8


Trap Aisle





Date of Collection




According to Arthurian legend, Gawain is the nephew of King Arthur and fellow Knight of the Round Table. He was a brother to Mordred, close friend of Lancelot and supposedly next in line for the throne of Camelot. Considered to be a righteous hero and protector of women, he held pure intention but lacked humility. When he discovered a plot by his brothers Agravain and Mordred to expose the love affair of Lancelot and Guinevere, Gawain refused to participate even though his brother knights would be present.

Sentenced to burning by the stake, Lancelot rescued Guinevere but entered a major quarrel with Arthur and his men. In the ensuing melee, Gawain’s brothers and sons are almost all killed, which Gawain blames on Lancelot. The only moment Gawain is able to expel his scorn and bitterness for Lancelot is on Gawain’s imminent death on the battlefield, forgiving Lancelot for his mistakes.


Lets the user acquire a more upright and noble code of conduct. They will not hesitate to assist the weak and needy, while they will personally confront any injustice they witness. Any charity or goodwill they deliver will increase the user’s pride and boast all about their good deeds. When challenged with disbelief, the wearer will develop a resistive stance towards opponents. Small tics and motions begin to annoy and frustrate the user, compounding any negative perceptions they have already decided about another’s worthiness or superiority. They will treat others with increasing contempt, disgust and jealousy while the wearer themselves feels achieved and morally right.

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