Sir Arthur Aston's Wooden Leg


Sir Arthur Aston/Siege of Drogheda


Wooden Leg


When using the leg to smash an object, the leg will spit out gold coins.


However, when the gold coin is taken by the user, they will suffer the same fate as Aston.


Using the leg to bash something, then picking up the gold coin.

Collected by

Mr. Stall & Myka Bering


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

Sir Arthur Aston (1590–1649) was a lifelong professional soldier, most noted for his support for King Charles I in the English Civil War, and in folklore for the gruesome manner of his death. He was a native of Cheshire and from a prominent Roman Catholic family.

In 1649, Oliver Cromwell's forces attacked the town in the Siege of Drogheda, one of the most vicious episodes of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. When the town was stormed, the garrison and many civilians were massacred by the victorious Parliamentarian soldiers. Aston agreed to surrender after a parley on the bridge but Cromwell's officers were ordered to put the entire town to the sword. It is widely believed that the Parliamentarian soldiers killed Aston by dashing his brains out with his own wooden leg, which they believed to conceal gold coins.

Today[edit | edit source]

After being given a replica of the leg, Mr. Stall and Myka went to the museum that held the original leg, swapped them around and brought the real leg back to the Warehouse.

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