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Simo Häyhä's Rifle
Simo Hayha Rifle.jpg
Simo Häyhä using the rifle


Simo Häyhä




Rifle has complete and total pinpoint accuracy, and it's literally impossible to miss your target; user is very well-cloaked from target


User has a 24-hour craving of Swedish foods, such as baby seals and fish; only can be used in defensive positions


Looking through the sights at an enemy

Collected by

Buck Mendell



Date of Collection

June 10th, 1949


Simo Häyhä's Rifle is a military artifact utilized by the legendary Finnish sniper, whose total kill count was an estimated 505 kills. This record has not been beaten by any other sniper up to date in any major war. 

Collection: 1949 

Simo Häyhä, as he began to slowly recover from his injury in 1940, willingly gave his custom Mosin-Nagant to the Warehouse when, after Buck fired the shot, found he could shoot at a pin over 100,000 yards away.  Both men were surprised by the the pinpoint accuracy of a near-impossible shot, and were even more surprised when Buck proceeded to compeltely devour Simo's food supply that consisted of primarily Swedish foods. Simo offered the agent the rifle. 


The Simo Häyhä Rifle, after the invasion of Walter Sykes, is now used by the agents for the few moments whenever someone attempts to invade the Warehouse. Rick is the most trained in the artifact, and has his own custom sniper post built above Artie's office. It hasn't needed to be used yet, but after the Disney Incident Rick has begun to train with the rifle once again.