Silver Bullet
Rare antique silver bullet sewing etui thimble by webster co circa 1890 2 lgw.jpg


Hunts for the Beast of Gevaudan




Replaces anything it strikes with one of the creatures




Shooting the bullet at something

Collected by

Joshua Kovac







Date of Collection

February 27, 1836


Origins[edit | edit source]

In the mid 18th century, a series of attacks in the Margeride Mountains became one of the biggest subjects of gossip in France society. From 1764 to 1767, large, wolf-like creatures attacked the former province of Gevaudan's population, and though the number of victims varies from record to record, it’s estimated that there were at least sixty deaths, with the potential of being over one hundred. These creatures were generally agreed to be large, furry beings, that were somewhat of a bear, somewhat of a hyena, somewhat of a wolf, and somewhat of a panther, large toothed mouths, huge paws, with large and heavy tails that was could knock down men and animals around it with a single swipe. These creatures gained a lot of attention, and were hunted by parties ranging from local bands to men sent by the King of France.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Several claims to have killed the creature were made, but in truth, the creatures were instead absorbed into this bullet, handcrafted from the purest of silver and blessed through methods that were both Christian and Pagan. Now, whenever the bullet is fired from a gun, it will absorb whatever it strikes first - but replaces it with one of these terrifying creatures - and over two hundred years of prowling around the same confined area has not made them the most docile of creatures, assuming they were docile before.

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