Shizou Kakutani's Geometry Set
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Shizou Kakutani


Geometry Set


Barricades subjects inside a measured confinement


Will relinquish people of their current thoughts


Measuring around something

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Trap Aisle





Date of Collection

August 20, 2017


Origin[edit | edit source]

Shizou Kakutani desperately wanted to be a mathematician, even though his performance was not the most spectacular. Shizou barely got past admissions in Tohoku University and began studying analytic functions. His research impressed Hermann Weyl enough to invite Shizou to work with him at Princeton. There, he formulated the Kakutani fixed-point theorem, allowing researchers to find a fixed point in the space of a function. This technique would later be used by John Nash on his work with game theory and economics.

When America entered World War Two, Shizou decided to return home and look after his family. His ship sailed across the Atlantic, under constant worry of being torpedoed. He would keep doing formulas to allay his stress, stick the papers in a bottle and toss them overboard. Each piece asked to return the parcel to Princeton, but none have ever been recovered.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Measuring around a person or object will make them into a fixed point, unable to leave from their enclosure. Drawing around an accurate representation such as a map will also have the same effect, preventing anything from entering or exiting. Subjects' thoughts are immediately written down on the pad and ripped away, completely forgotten unless reunited with the person.

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