Shifting Chicken Egg
Shifting Chicken Egg.jpg
Baby chick form and egg form


Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?


Egg that shifts from an egg to a chick


Possessors becomes a babbling idiot.





Collected by

Jennifer Lockhart


Artie's Office


Podium 11

Date of Collection

est. 2003


Effects[edit | edit source]

Possessors within a five foot around circle becomes a babbling idiot, spouting complete nonsense.

Collection[edit | edit source]

As if drawn to the Warehouse, the egg just appeared on a stand in the Metaphorical Section; agents were alerted to its effects on accident. The egg was left in the section alone, eventually changed into chick, got sad and wandered the Warehouse affecting Agents working in the aisles. Agent Jennifer Lockhart scooped it up to pet and was startled as it reverted into an egg in her hands.

Stored in a small cage in Artie's office - as long as it's happy and taken care of it won't activate. A heat lamp needs to continuously remain on for it to stay shelly. When in chick form it loves affection and bounding around. If you start to babble make sure that the lamp is on, and that there's food and water available.

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