Warehouse 13 Artifact Database Wiki
Warehouse 13 Artifact Database Wiki

This listing enumerates the various sections, aisles and other storage areas meant to hold artifacts. Larger and more prominent sections with greater inventory or of special note have their own separate document files detailing them. Smaller aisles are named here and given a list of the artifacts they currently contain.

Vaults & Chambers

List of specfially deemed areas that are walled off or contained to keep from interference from other artifacts or the artifacts contained inside.

The Bedlam Vault

Houses artifacts that deal with insanity/hallucinatory inducing effects that are dangerous but not dangerous enough for the Dark Vault. The Vault containing these artifacts is completely sound proofed through conventional means and the use of artifacts from the constant barrage of sounds emitted by these artifacts inside. These sounds range from loud screams to dull whispers. Due to the nature of these artifacts, neutralizer ear plugs are mandatory when entering this area and a proximity time of 5 minutes should be used when inside. If ever overstaying past that time, seek medical attention as brain damage and/or mental instability could occur. 

The Escher Vault

The Escher Vault is a labyrinth, shifting vault that contains the personal effects of bronzed individuals. The Vault was designed by one of the original Warehouse 13 founders, M.C. Escher , who based the design and abilities of the vault off of previous artworks he had created.

Aisle of the Widow's Son

This vault houses one of Hiram Abiff's Tools: The Mason Compass. It is considered one of the most secure places in the entire Warehouse, needing a special key to even open.

Aisle of the widow's son entrance

  • Hiram Abiff's Masonary Compass

Comic Book Vault

A Vault that contains numerous comic book artifacts that have been imbued with comic book characters personalites and traits from other persons.

Very comparable with the "Fandom Aisle" which contains artifacts that were created from a person's obssection with their favorite character through cosplay, imbuing the artifacts with the characters personality and/or powers.

Isolation Chambers

These artifacts have proved elusive and highly dangerous when unleashed. Some of them are near impossible to deactivate once started and are capable of causing mass destruction. For these reasons, they are held deep within the bowels of the Warehouse, and only senior agents have access. Each is held within a clear, chained cage separated from all other objects. If they threaten to activate, they are released into a specially created abyss.

Suspension Chamber

Located near the Air-Space Section, the Suspension Chamber is set up much like a anti-gravity chamber, enabling the operator to suspend and entrap an object in a energy field generated by Yuri Gagarin's Hockey Puck. Working like a turbine, the puck is spun in circle around a large conduit below the ensnared item and then the energy is pumped into four coils that trap the item in a bubble of anti-gravity energy. The field surrounding the item also stops it from moving in any direction as it pushes from every angle. The chamber is mainly used for artifacts that must not touch another object for fear of activation or self-destruction. If the Suspension Chamber is not working, the Isolation Chambers are usually a last resort.

Viral Vault

Holds artifacts born from internet related persons/events. 

Memini Chamber

Contains The Round Table, an artifact that inspired the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table, which stores the memories of all Warehouse agents who contribute whenever a Warehouse begins to close its doors and begins its move. A cermony is held when the Warehouse begins the process of moving and all the current agents contribute a memory to be placed inside this artifact time capsule to be enjoyed by future Warehouse agents.

Ytterbium Chamber

This vault, made out of Lutetium which is the Earth's strongest metal, is designed to contain and protect Pandora's Box, which contains the hope of the human race. If the box were ever destroyed, humanity would lose all hope, leading to a downward spiral.

Ovoid Quarantine

The Ovoid Quarantine is where artifacts are catalogued and marked before placed within the Warehouse.


Survival Rendezvous: Ralston-127D

Ensures the user’s survival when faced with adverse conditions. Usually. Some survivor artifacts don’t necessarily make a situation better.

The Graveyard: ​Chthon-902P

Stored here is the final resting place for human remains which have become artifacts. Many are buried or placed within appropriate funerary storage to confer spiritual rites whenever needed to prevent activation. It also houses artifacts directly related to mortality and the deceased.

Hunger Foyer: Tantalus-Limos-B15

Each artifact causes different amounts of hunger and nutritional starvation to the victim.



Contains artifacts that incite unusual medical or physiological changes. Many of these artifacts have effects that would not normally correlate with the object or have little relation to formal medical practices. Not to be confused with aisle Telesphorus-474U which deals with artifacts tied to some type of medical practice.


Artifacts located here can imbue people and objects with enhanced levels of strength and durability. As well as extend life to some degree.


Artifacts that are able to aesthetically enrich the target subject or instill a great appreciation and understanding in the finer arts. Also, some are stored there due to their relation to the extravagance associated with wealth.


Each artifact relates in some ways to the provenance and importance of truth.


The sister aisle of Veritas, artifacts located here all play create lies, deception and stories. This includes the ability to alter facts, convince others of falsehoods and form tales from nothingness.


Irony inciting artifacts that either have an effect opposite what is expected from their origin or eventually have their effects revert.


Stores several artifacts that are related to geology, specifically mining and quality stones. It also houses artifacts that can affect wealth based upon gemstones and natural resources.


Each artifact here has a history and effect relating to the cultivation, processing, or usage of drugs and related substances. Only agents who are not current or recovering addicts may enter, as they have a tendency to re-experience certain states while in the vicinity.


Named for ancient behemoth of man able to perform immense feats of strength, all powered by the determination of his will and the performance of his muscles, powered by electrical impulses. Seemingly, electrical artifacts seem to congregate around this aisle in preference over others.


Although most temporal artifacts are spread throughout the Warehouse, the more benign ones are grouped here. Their effect upon time for the most part is limited to the near immediate area, with no greatly harmful downside.

Danger Room

Mostly houses larger artifacts that love to be mobile and run wild. Unfortunately, each is extremely dangerous when loose, being either reckless or intentionally destructive. Extra precautions and security measures are required to hold the artifacts in place.


Grants the user with heightened combat skills and physical acuity. Many also imbue some form of intense rage or bloodlust in the user. A large proportion of these artifacts hail from ancient civilizations that valued fighting strength, while the rest derive from individuals that were more self-taught and unhinged.


Artifacts that instate large amounts of pride within the wielder.


Distorts light waves in various manners, creating unusual visual phenomenon.


Consists of appearance altering artifacts that allow the user to disguise valuables in plain sight or make the user appear differently to onlookers.


Located nearby the Crime and Punishment Vault, artifacts that have banded together for their common trait - theft.


The more unique and tricky artifacts to store, these have no physical form. Instead, they consist of memes, sayings, energy, computer code and other non-tangible concepts. Each has been placed in a specially designed storage unit to prevent escape.


Trips into this aisle are not usually well remembered, as it is host to forgetfulness, amnesia and mind-wiping artifacts. Loss of memories and possible brainwashing are a risk if artifacts are handled improperly while present.


Hedonism inducing artifacts, including overindulgence in negative acts such as wild partying, spending sprees, ignorance of social rules and valuation of self over others.


A large atrium of sorts used to contain monuments and artifacts relating to them. It is not unusual to see statues and bridges situated next to petroglyphs and memorial plaques.


Personal effects and evidence from journalists are stored here, ranging from before the advent of newsprint to the modern prevalence of online articles.


Protective artifacts that defend the intended party from harm; many involve forming a barrier or removing the threat.


Originated its title from a ring of five Cold War spies who successfully penetrated British intelligence agencies. Artifacts that can infiltrate, enter or allow access to restricted or unreachable areas.


Contains artifacts that gives it's users extreme accuracy and marksmanship talents.


Artifacts which have their histories rooted in casinos and gambling.


Contains artifacts that can be easily activated by minor touching, smelling, hearing, seeing or any other sensiotory interactions.


Intelligence enhacing artifacts enjoy being within the company of similar modeled artifacts.


Artifacts which bear relations towards astronomy and space exploration.


Continuity reinforcing artifacts that can cause events to continue further than normally. Also houses artifacts that become easily attached and follow the user around.


Created halfway through Warehouse 11, this section is used to hold a sizable portion of medieval originated artifacts. Spanning centuries and continents, many artifacts located here do not have a definitive origin, due to inconsistencies or lack of accurate recordings.

Fausto-Domenti 2281D

The "Wild West" Aisle, holds a ton of artifacts stemming from the American Old West.


Colloquially known by agents as the House of Greed, artifacts that inspire unyielding desire for wealth and prestige are stored here.


Renowned as one of the few sections focused with national identity in mind, many artifacts epitomizing French heritage and history reside along the artificial arrondissements.

Restoration Parlor

Used for fixing damaged artifact retrievals and crafting replicas. A sterile workshop filled with enough tools and machinery for anything short of nuclear fusion. The few shelves are placeholders for a select number of artifacts deemed handy. Frequented by Felix and Claudia when collaborating on artifact-enhanced gadgets.


Miscellaneous aisles that lack a clear connection between the artifacts stored in it and various other sections undergoing renovations.

Specialized Areas

Some artifacts are used as equipment and are either not stored within a particular section or move around frequently due to heavy usage. Others can be found in place areas such as Felix's laboratory for research, Private Quarters for recreational use, the Restoration Parlor for frequent repairs or commonly with Agents in the field when not shelved.


These artifacts have not been properly stored, are in process of relocating, have become lost or are unaccountable within the inventory. Some locations are intentionally obscured for fears of misuse or the sensitive nature of the effects.

Maintenance Areas

Areas of the Warehouse that may contain artifacts, but are used mainly for the Warehouse or agents only and not for the storage of artifacts.

Lehman Fornax

Air Conditioning Unit

Computer Lab

Neutralizer Processing Center

Main Office

Restricted Files Room

Personnel Quarters Archive

Feng Shui Spiral