Satanic Doll
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The Cult of Eurynomos




Muscle weakening


Over exposure leads to death



Collected by

Warehouse 13








Origin[edit | edit source]

While hiking through the woods of Connecticut a couple got lost. At first they didn't worry until the trees started to look familiar. A gnarled, exposed root caused a sprain not once but twice. A rock formation appeared over and over again. Finally they arrived to a large tree with an object in the branches. The one without the sprain attempted to reach the object. As he got closer he saw it was a doll which seemed to command him to take it. Reaching out it felt his strength and energy being sucked from his body causing him to fall from the tree. When he pulled himself up he discovered they were not alone. A man was there wearing a black cloak, they begged for his grace. The man led them back into town but vanished back into the woods after leaving them. The news spread back to the Warrens, who came to discover the hauntings. Lorraine said it was one of the most dreadful paranormal artifacts she had ever encountered and collected the doll to bring it home. Further research into the symbols that one of the hikers drew allowed agents to discover the cult worshipped a daemon named Eurynomos.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Feels like strength is being sapped from their bodies. Over exposure puts victim in catatonic state. Creates an area that causes confusion and fatigue.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Presented to Warehouse 13 Agents by the Warren's Son-in-law.

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