Sapphires of Vali


Vali (Mythology)




Chrono Vision





Collected by

Agents Felix Draco, Rependata and Old Bone







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Origin[edit | edit source]

The exact origins of the artifact are unclear, but the appear to correspond to the Vedic myths of Jalandhara. During the events of the tale, there is conflict between some of the dieties and in the brawl the Asura king Vali (sometimes called Bali or Mahabali) was stuck by Indra and became the many genstones that are found worldwide. The sapphires of the world were made from the energy of his eyes, and so were said to be blessed with the ability of premonition.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When both are held (or in their current state, worn), the wearer will experience a vision of either the past, present or future. Though the exact methods aren't known, there seems to be some way of programing a certain scene. During the vision, the scene around the wearer will begin to fill with water, though this will not affect anything that is a part of the vision. What it does effect, however, is the wearer. If the user is not snapped out of the trance in time, they will become visibly wet before drowning completely

Today[edit | edit source]

During an investigation being carried out by Agents Felix DracoBri RependataAden Taylor and Old Bone regarding a Mrs. Von Dichi , the agents were momentarily put out of action by Mrs. Dichi's use of an artifact. When they returned to the scene, they found her and her possessions gone, save for two sapphire earrings Bri was able to identify. Upon using them on Old Bone (whose state of undeath made him immune to drowning), it was revealed that the vision being played was that of Lord Byron composing one of his poems. This information led them to the next stage of the investigation and the earrings were safely contained to be shelved on their return to the Warehouse.

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